22 pages
step-by-step advice and strategies


22 pages

step-by-step advice & strategies


22 pages

step-by-step advice and strategies

Introduction: Who is this Book For?

 I’ve been working in book publishing for over 25 years, and 20 of those years have been spent as an acquiring book editor.

 I’ve worked with thousands of writers and edited and published over 600 books. Most of those projects have been sold to me directly from authors without an agent being involved.

 So, no, it is not impossible to a book published without an agent... and it’s also not impossible to get an agent to represent you. But what you do need to know is how to make the right approach, to the right agent or editor, with the right project in hand.

 It doesn’t matter how brilliant your memoir is if you are submitting it to an agent or editor who doesn’t work with memoirs.

 It doesn’t matter if your thriller is the best one ever written if the agent only represents non-fiction.

 You get the point.

 In my career, I’ve rejected thousands of projects. Literally thousands. Many of the projects were decent, but the authors’ approach was flawed.

 If only writers didn’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again. If only they had the right kind of information before approaching an editor, things could be different.

 This e-book is going to give you that information. 

 This book represents some of the most directed and effective advice I can give to aspiring writers who want to approach literary agents and book editors and actually get a response.

 So, who is this book for?

 This book is for you if you’ve spent months or even years peddling your book project to agents and editors at conferences and workshops and never gotten a deal.

 This book is for you if you understand that becoming a writer for a living means building a platform, often slowly, and you are willing to look beyond the often unrealistic dreams of a 6-figure advance from a major New York publisher for your first book and realize that to build a career you will likely have to start smaller.

 This book is for you if you have the confidence to approach book editors directly and want to make sure you do everything you can to make the right first impression and get your feet in the door.

 This book is for you if you have been approaching agents with no success and need to stop wasting your time.

 This book is for you if you are writing any kind of non-fiction, including memoir.

 This book is for you if you are writing any kind of fiction. While many of the anecdotes and examples come from the world of non-fiction, these basic principles apply to writers of fiction too. It is just for you.

 Book contracts are out there for you. You just need to know what to do to get them.

 Again, I have to emphasize, what you absolutely must have is the right approach, to the right person, with the right project. This is true whether you are trying to find a literary agent or a book editor.

 This book is full of step-by-step strategies to making this happen.